Building Futures
Jammie Drive 2019 Direct Donations
Goal: $4000
We’re excited to introduce a new way to donate as part of the Jammie Drive this year: help purchase two storage sheds for shelter use!

Why sheds? Alameda’s Midway Shelter and the San Leandro Shelter use every inch of indoor space to serve their residents; to maximize real estate, they store precious items in outdoor sheds. Your donation will support the construction of two new sheds to supplement food and clothing storage for these two facilities.

These sheds are an integral part of helping shelter residents retain their dignity during a challenging time. Once shelter residents move into permanent housing, they are invited to come “grocery shopping” and fill up two bags of pantry essentials like oil, rice, canned goods, pasta, and more to get them off to a good start in their new home. Clothing and other in-kind donations are stored year-round; new residents pick out clothes, coats and towels as part of their “clothes shopping” excursion.

The total amount to support the construction of two new sheds is $4,000; we need to raise this amount by 11:59pm 12/24/2019 to help begin this project at the beginning of January. Won’t you help us meet this goal and support the important work of Building Futures for Women and Children, who operate the shelter facilities? Any funds raised beyond the goal amount will be used to purchase additional food and supplies for shelter residents.

This donation opportunity is part of the 7th annual Jammie Drive that my team and I organize over the holidays, where donors "adopt" a family at one of the shelters and buy jammies and warm slippers for them. We hope you will consider taking part in this important project, which allows the impact of our giving to be felt all year long!

Thank you,
Merideth Mehlberg
Merideth Mehlberg Group, LLC